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Pretty nice recipe overall. I modified it by using a microwaveable container, melting milk chocolate, dumping in the roasted arabica coffee beans to coat, then put them into a mesh food strainer to get the excess chocolate off and finally adding the beans to a plastic bag with baking cocoa mixed with sugar and shaking them. They have a nice kick of caffeine to get you through an afternoon slump.

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LisaS in Central Ohio October 05, 2012

I am rating this 3 stars because the beans tasted ok but making them was terrible! The chocolate wasn't fluid enough to drip off excess chocolate, it ended up looking like a chocolate candy bar with lumps in it. I had to try and break the chocolate off around the beans. Was giving these as a gift... not going to now. Just not attractive.

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Verelucky December 17, 2007

I dont have the patience for spooning out a hundred little beans from melted chocolate and trying not to let them stick together on the paper so I just poured out the mixture onto wax paper and allowed to cool. When cool I broke it into smallish pieces and called it coffee bark. Also I used semisweet choc chips instead of milk chocolate, and added a small amount of food grade wax to the melted chocolate (like you would when making buckeyes) to help the chocolate set up harder and give it a shiny appearance. Everyone loved it!

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DbKnadler December 21, 2009
Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans