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This was the first time I've ever made cinnamon rolls and they turned out pretty good. For the filling, I used chopped almonds and pecans and added about a tablespoon of cocoa to the sugar, cinnamon mixture. For the frosting, I mixed 3 oz cream cheese, 1 cup powdered sugar, 2 Tbls orange juice and 1/2 a cup of mini-chocolate chips. What a hit! It did take a little longer, the first rising took about 2 hours, but that might have been the yeast, or it may have been too cool.

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Miss Erin C. December 10, 2001

I made these rolls this morning. Very easy and pretty quick ( except for the rising:) They were delicious! they took a little longer to rise..but I think it was because of the cold!! Will be a regular in my house! Thank you Divinemom5 ! :)

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** Poppy ** March 20, 2004

These were nice. I couldn't figure out how much sugar to combine with the cinnamon for the fililng and guessed. I wish I had increased the cinnamon for more of a Mexican hot cocoa flavor. Also, since I didn't know how sweet it'd be and needed something rich, I threw in about 1/4 c chocolate chips to the filling- that was great! I liked the bread-type texture of the roll. I will try it again, this time increasing the filling.

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Rachie P January 13, 2009

These weren't bad. The flavor combination reminded me of Mexican hot chocolate, but neither flavor really stood out. Maybe it's something I did, but the texture was odd... they were firm on the outside and had a bread texture when torn open, but when chewed it turned pretty doughy and heavy. Maybe I didn't let it rise long enough, but the rising took a very long time. The texture of the dough was like an elastic brownie mix. I rolled it a little large and got more than 12 rolls, but the frosting amount was just perfect. I think next time I would increase the amount of sugar in the dough, and use cinnamon sugar with extra cinnamon, maybe even adding cinnamon extract to the frosting. My kids loved these, and my husband said they weren't bad. They aren't very rich which makes it easy to eat more than one serving in a sitting, but I was hoping for something more rich and gooey than these turned out to be. 11-1-05 I tried these again today, and found that after sitting over night (in a ziploc bag) that the texture became a kind of heavy cake-like consistency that works very well, and the flavors are enhanced a little by it. I'll have to try these again, but let them rise all the way both times (the kids were trying to eat them during the second rising).

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Annie H November 01, 2005
Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls