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These are awesome -- very chocolatey and chewey. I made them for the second or third time today, and I didn't realize until the last sheet was in the overn that I'd completely forgotten to add the eggs!! And they were STILL fabulous! I was afraid maybe they'd be too crispy, but they were fine. The only (other) change I made was to use margarine instead of butter, as I find that cookies stay softer that way. Thanks for posting a fantastic cookie!

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Meredith K. April 16, 2008

I made these as a gift for a chocoholic friend who just adored them so this review combines our reactions. The diections were clear and the recipe was easy to put together. Instead of regular chocolate chips I used chopped dark Dove bars. (I love the uneven distribution of melted chocolate pockets chopped chocolate gives you.) tasted the dough and it was yummy, though I thought about adding a little more cocoa to take it over the top. My cookies were jumbo sized with dough the size of golf balls (48g each). Half the dough had macadamia nuts. To adjust, I baked about 12 minutes. The cookies were nice and cripy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. We actually like the cookies better without the nuts (my addition) but thought the dark chocolate was a perfect match to the cookie which really didn't need the extra cocoa. Thanks for a fabulous indulgence.

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justcallmetoni June 26, 2007

These were excellent! They were super easy to make. My 10 yr old son actually made them himself, and they turned out great! we'll add them to our cookie list. Thanks for the recipe and sweet treats!

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paige_kirk September 18, 2012

My husband gives this 5 stars! I added walnuts, per his request, but personally think they'd be better without them. I used Special Dark chocolate chips and think next time I may use Special Dark cocoa.

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Midnight Sun Chef December 18, 2010
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