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Our first batch was gone before it cooled. However, I did cook and mash my own yams, omitted the syrup, only put 1/2 cup of white and brown sugars, replaced the eggs, and skipped the pecans. The chocolate chips (I like carob; the kids prefer semi-sweet) are a sweet addition: I didn't think I'd like them, but they are fun, and make this recipe out of the ordinary.

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Anemone October 04, 2011

This recipe was a big hit! I sold these in a bake sale. I made 2 pans of this, and sold almost all of it-my chocolate chip ones sold out first. I even had one person asking me for the recipe cuz she wanted to make more exactly like mine! Since I only had a few chocolate chips, I added candy corn to the rest of the batter (found out the candy corn carmelized, becoming more like chewy toffee-bits, quite hard to remove from my non-stick pan unless you use wax paper) Only other changes I made were: I used much less clove, and made up the difference by adding more allspice and cinnamon. I also did not have canned yams, but I had fresh sweet potatoes which I baked to sweet softness, peeled and mashed with brown sugar and flavored DaVinci syrup instead. It came out sweet and fluffy, like a cross between pumpkin bread and chocolate chip cookie bars.

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CareBearQ November 26, 2010
Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato Squares