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Yummy, yummy, yummy! Just made these and ate one right out of the oven. They are superb! Very chocolatey - in fact, if you had only a half package of chocolate chips, it would still work. The batter is buttery and delicate yet dense enough to hold the chocolate chips without letting them all fall to the bottom of the muffin. I used my regular size muffin tin and filled the cups about 2/3 full and the recipe made 18 muffins. I sprayed the muffin cups with Pam and the baked muffins just fell out - no sticking! I didn't have any nuts so I omitted them and boy are these good! Thanks for the great recipe Charishma! I'm posting a picture, too.

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SaraFish May 06, 2002

These were amazing! I did use only half the chocolate, but they were still the perfect chocolate-y! I also only put em in for 12 minutes, and they were PERFECT. Very moist and golden brown!

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ShellBelle0990 July 03, 2011

I LOVE this recipe. I did use buttermilk instead of milk, increased the vanilla to 2 tsp and added 2 Tbsp of vegetable oil. I read ALL of the other reviews and noticed that many said these were dry. I think that may be due to the high heat - so I reduced the heat to 350 degrees and just made mini muffins (36 total) and baked them for just 10 minutes - I also topped them before - and again after- the oven with a sugar/cinnamon mixture - they came out moist and perfectly done! Thanks for the recipe Charishma!

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BakerNurse September 06, 2011

These are so wonderful! I used buttermilk (because I love it), and half white/half milk chocolate chips. Mine did get a bit too brown on the bottoms at 15 minutes, but that is most likely the fault of my sub-par muffin tins. These were buttery, tender and perfectly sweet on the inside with a nice crisp on the outside. I did use pecans and I would highly recommend using them as they definitely add a little something! And to further gild the lily, I topped half of them with Kittencal's Kittencal's Chocolate Frosting/Icing (the light variation) flavored with a bit of Irish whiskey and Bailey's...pure and utter decadence! Thanks for a sure-fire winner, Charishma! ~Kari

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under12parsecs April 21, 2011

Lovely. Thank you.

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Funkydelia January 03, 2012

Char, these are very good chocolate chip muffins. They went over great at our house. The only thing that I added was to sprinkle a little bit of sugar on top before baking. We will be making these often. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Wendy13 June 22, 2003

Very SWEET; and I reduced the white sugar by half, since 5 year old granddaughter wanted to sprinkle dark pink sugar on top (to go with the fairy picks); And I had added 4 tsp of buttermilk powder, as I often do to help cut the sweet. I think I'll use bittersweet or dark chips, next time. My granddaughter's kindergarten class LOVED them. They taste like a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE. They were LARGE muffins; batter filled the tins...I let the calculator figure for the 24 muffins that I needed, and I didn't even use the 1C nuts.

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OK Let's Cook February 23, 2012

So good!! I followed the recipe and made very few adjustments. I had a stick of unsalted light butter instead of regular. I'm glad I did too because it's half the calories and they still tasted buttery and rich. Also, I used a 6oz of 0% plain greek yogurt instead of milk. The batter was a might to thick (my fault I added in a bit more flour than I wanted), so I just gently folded in a splash of milk to make the batter a little more pliable. I folded in a package of Ghiradelli Semisweet chocolate chips, but when I make this recipe again, I'll just use half a package. It really is A TON of chocolate per muffin. Its good, but a bit much, and I'll be able to make 2 recipes per package of chocolate.

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trinnie.thu January 23, 2012

Yummy, my kids loved these!

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HeidiSue January 07, 2012

This recipe is excellent. It takes like a giant, fluffy chocolate chip cookie.

I have three suggestions. 1) This recipe only needs a half bag of chips unless you really want a super chocolate cookie. I used half, and I love chocolate! 2) Try adding a couple tablespoons more milk to the mixture. It is moist, but very crumbly. 3) The recipe calls for baking at 400 for 20 minutes. If you bake at 400 it takes about 14 minutes. Try dropping the temperature to 350 and raising the bake time and maybe the muffins will be less crumbly?

Still excellent muffin! Loved it!

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kpismpstp1 August 16, 2011
Chocolate Chip Muffins