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I could not find Solo filling, but I did find Bakers almond filling which is made my the same company...according to them, both brands are interchageable in all recipes. These cookies were very easy to make...I didn't even have to chill them! The kids really liked them, but I was expecting more of an almond flavor. I have used almond filling before, but actually as a filling and it is very flavorful. I have never mixed it into a dough, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I think next time I may sub almond extract for the vanilla to try and achieve a more intense flavor. Overall, this is a very good unique cookie recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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Karen=^..^= November 23, 2003

posted Nov 6, 2003 Very good cookies, I made them for my Christmas stash, to freeze, but only about 3/4 of them got to the freezer!! I didn't dip the ones I froze, will do that when I go to use them. Just one problem with the recipe, no can size for the almond filling; I used about 6 ounces of almond paste, it worked ok. Perhaps you should define "almond filling" and put a measure in the ingredients list. Other than that , good recipe, Thanks!! Nov 8,2003, just wanted to add a thanks for changing the recipe description to explain the almond filling, I will try and find it for the next batch, but the paste did work as attested to by the disapperance of the cookies, some have even gone missing right out of the freezer!! Thanks again for a good recipe.

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Derf November 08, 2003

These smell so good baking. I also froze mine so I will not be adding the chocolate yet but chocolate and almond what more can you ask for. Very easy to make. I used almond flavoring instead of vanilla.

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Pumpkie December 12, 2004
Chocolate Chip & Dipped Almond Fingers