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For those of you that like chewier cookies (as opposed to cakier cookies), try melting your butter and using bread flour instead of all-purpose. The extra water in the melted butter will create more gluten with the bread flour, keeping more moisture in the cookie. Also, the darker the brown sugar you use, the chewier your cookie will be.

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dianewhite February 21, 2011

This is THE BEST soft chocolate chip cookie! We split it 3 ways to rate it this first time but I actually wanted to be able to make just one cookie for my daughter without having dozens of cookies sitting around calling out to me. This recipe fits the bill perfectly. Thanks for sharing your recipe, TinkerToy! I'll be making this over and over again.

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Realtor by day, Chef by night April 19, 2011

I made 3 "normal" size cookies with this recipe. And I thought they were very good. But I had trouble with the dough...it wouldn't stay together. So I made a second batch, and I added about 1 1/2 teaspoons of milk, and the dough was much easier to handle and stayed together during baking. I was worried about heating the oven for just a few cookies. So I waited until I had other baking to do, at which time I mixed up this recipe and put the cookies on a small baking sheet and added it to the oven while other things were being baked. So it was nice to have a nice treat after a long day spent in the kitchen. Thanks, TinkerToy. Made for 2009 Fall Pick-A-Chef.

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NorthwestGal September 13, 2009

I made two large cookies with this recipe, which was perfect for my DH and I. They were cake like cookies. Mine baked for 12 minutes exactly. A great after dinner treat for anyone :) Made for PAC spring 09.

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Chef Jean March 31, 2009

These were terrific. My hubby is diabetic, so I changed the sugar for Splenda, the brown sugar for Splenda Brown, and used WW flour. They were fantastic, and just sated the cookie craving without the temptation of a huge batch sitting around! (cuz they don't sit around long, if you catch my drift!) Thanks for the great post!

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weelittlefroggies March 04, 2009

Wasn't my favorite c.c. cookie but I was still sad when it was gone and still sad when the second one I made was gone. LOL.

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gingerly88 May 04, 2012

Totally great!! And my kids LOVED it!!! Kinda like the top of a muffin - which is the BEST part!

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Chesska January 17, 2012

I was dying for a cookie but I knew if I made a whole batch I'd probably eat way more than I should!

Tastes great!

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Melissa Jeanne April 28, 2011

I added 1 Tbs of dark cocoa powder to make chocolate chip chocolate cookies, and I used rice milk (dairy allergy) instead of water and margarine instead of butter. I got 5 cookies using the smaller cookie size I always prefer to make. I baked them in my toaster oven, which can be a bonus depending on the weather or situation. As catherine elen said, these cookies rose (from the baking soda) and were more fluffy (like better muffins) than dense. These cookies are not the best, especially since I strongly prefer oatmeal in my chocolate chip cookies, and more fudge-like denseness to my chocolate cookies. Then again, you don't make a cookie for one if you want people to rave and ask you for the recipe! you make a cookie for one because you don't want too many leftovers. In my case, I wanted something small I could make in a hurry this evening while my two boys were in the bath because my picky eater said he wanted chocolate cookies (hence the tablespoon of cocoa powder), and I didn't want to be tempted by a pile of cookies after he did his usual routine of eating one and leaving the rest. And for that special purpose, these cookies are top-notch! My 2 year old (who eats everything) and my very very very picky 4.5 year old both loved these cookies. In fact, I had to hide the leftovers because I didn't want them eating more than one cookie each that close to bedtime! Fast, easy, and perfect if you need cookies from a toaster oven or a small batch of cookies!

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nethope March 07, 2010

i made this today and baked for about 15 mins. what i got was more of a muffin top than a cookie, but maybe that's because i used fake butter and a tablespoon milk instead of water? it was still pretty tasty but leaving out the choco chips, i would NOT recommend.

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catherine elen March 02, 2010
Chocolate Chip Cookie for One!