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These cupcakes were very tasty! :) The only thing I might not make next time would be the filling. My husband and I thought there was enough chocolate chip flavor throughout and it just didn't add any extra flavor. My husband's co-workers were surprised when biting into the cupcake to discover the filling. Overall, they are very fun and tasty. Thank you for the recipe! :)

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cindyrocks88 April 22, 2010

My whole family loved these cupcakes. They really do taste like a cookie. I was worried that they were going to be too sweet, but they turned out to be perfect.

I ended up with 30 cupcakes instead of 24, so I ran out of filling but, maybe i just made smaller cupcakes.

Also, I kept the cupcakes in the fridge, they make a great cold treat.

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VBCG March 27, 2011
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes