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This recipe might be fabulous, but it is written in a very disorganized fashion and is difficult to follow as written. The ingredients really ought to be listed in the order they are used and also divided in sections according to which part of the recipe they belong to - crust, filling, topping, etc. Also, the amounts given in the list of ingredients don't make sense - for example, the cheesecake mixture calls for 1 cup of white sugar, which happens to be listed between the crust ingredients at the top of the ingredient list. Further down the list are the ingredients for the cookie dough. That calls for 1/4 cup of sugar, then at the bottom of the ingredients list it calls for another 2 teaspoons of sugar, which step #6 of the directions tells us is going to be used for the topping. The instructions, however, state that the crust requires yet another 2 tablespoons of white sugar, which are not listed anywhere among the ingredients. Doesn't mean the recipe won't make a wonderful cheesecake, but it's almost impossible to find out if you try to follow it as written, so what I plan to do is try to rewrite the recipe in the proper order and sort out what goes where, and how much of it, according to the directions, assuming those are, in fact, correct, and then once I've tried to make this, I'll come back and rate and review the final product...and maybe repost it in a way that is more practical to follow.

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Cook+Princess January 04, 2013
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake