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These were really great tasting and EASY as can be. My daughter loved them. They really are a very nice combination of flavors. There were some parts missing from the recipe, though. There's no oven temp given so I just winged it and set the oven at 350. It doesn't say to grease the muffins cups or not so I didn't. It doesn't which pan to use so I used a regular muffin pan and ended up with 8 muffins. They were done at 23 minutes. I was very generous with the topping but still ended up with alot left. I'm saving it for the next batch. Next time I'm going to leave the salt out of the topping or at least cut it in half because we could taste it in there. Maybe I'll replace it with a tiny bit of cinnamon. That might be a nice addition. I think brown sugar in the topping instead of white would be nice, too. Thanks for sharing. I'll be making these again.

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Realtor by day, Chef by night May 15, 2011

I can't decide if these look better, smell better, or taste better. My goodness my house smells like chocolaty butter heaven, and I can't stop looking at these beautiful muffins. I doubled the batch and everything was perfect except that I don't think I needed that much streusel topping. I ended up throwing more than half of it away. Next time I will only make the normal amount of streusel for the double patch of muffins. Other than that the process was very easy, and the batter was rich and thick just like brownies. The muffins puffed perfectly in the oven, and were great for photos which I'll be posting later. Made for the 08/10 Tag. Thanks!!

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MizEmerilLagasse August 24, 2010
Chocolate Cherry Streusel Muffin Tops