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A very simple, soft cookie that was delicious. I love how easy it was to make, I made the vanilla version and the dough was a little dry-- I had to add some water to the batter-- but the cookies turned out delicious. I'm ready to make a second batch of these to sell at a bake sale. The only downside is that the recipe only makes about 24 very small cookies.

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SAHMchef November 09, 2007

Great cookies! Used up almost all my leftover candy corn (which was the plan), but then had to scrounge for another bag, because my fiance and his parents wanted more! I made the vanilla ones, and the only changes I made were to use a whole egg and part whole wheat flour. I also pressed 2 candies into the top of each cookie, instead of just one. I plan on using this recipe again, even just to make plain sugar cookies, and will also try making the dough much thicker to use for cut-outs (what I ended up with this was quite runny, and I actually just dropped the cookies on the sheet, rather than forming balls). Thanks Vino Girl for such a great recipe!

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qotw13 December 22, 2010

These cookies tasted great, but sort of fell apart when I pressed the candy corn on top. Thanks for the recipe!

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lecleveland October 29, 2007
Chocolate Candy Corn Sugar Cookies (plus a Vanilla Variation)