Recipe by KiriP

A tasty but light choco-cake, excellant for birthdays or just for afternoon tea!

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  1. Cream flour and butter and sugar.
  2. Mix eggs seperatley then add to the mix and stir.
  3. Add half a tablespoon of cocoa powder and stir.
  4. Spilt between two lined/greased cake tins.
  5. Cook on 190 degrees for about 20mins (keep an eye to ensure burning doesn't occur.).
  6. Insert a knife near the edge and ensure it comes out clean before removing from the oven.
  7. Leave to stand for a few minutes then put on a wire rack.
  8. Cream butter and icing sugar in a bowl.
  9. Add two tsp of cocoa powder and if desried add melted chocolate.
  10. Spread jam on one of the cakes, then spread a layer of the filling.Sandwich the sponges.
  11. Spread the remaining layer on the the top and sprinkle choco flakes.

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