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This was the worst cake I have ever tasted. I followed the recipe to a t. It tasted awful and we couldn't even eat it. Had to throw the whole cake out. What a waste of ingredients and time.

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mamapanda30 March 13, 2011

I made this using Splenda, the AP flour, skim milk and bittersweet chocolate. The very rich chocolate flavor is marvelous. My 8" pans were done at 20 mins. The glaze makes it something special and my guys made a huge dent in it while watching movie last night.

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Annacia February 14, 2011

I made this cake for my daughter's birthday. I don't have traditional cake pans so poured all the batter into a deep sprinform pan. I baked it for 40 minutes but at the last minute couldn't find a toothpick. I used a knife and it came out clean so I took it out. Perhaps it was too soon(or the knife let out too much steam) because the cake fell as it cooled and became too dense and moist. I used the floss trick to separate it into two layers and put cherry filling into the center. I was originally going to follow your recipe for glaze but didn't buy chocolate... hubby had some dark chocolate but I wasn't sure if I would get hung for stealing his. I looked up some alternatives using cocoa powder and sugar. In the end the "glaze" turned into a fudge frosting which was still tasty. I made icing for piping on top of that with coconut oil and sugar. Overall I felt that the cake could have been chocolatier, I may add a few more Tbs next time. I think the texture was my fault for taking it out too soon.

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Chef Tweaker February 20, 2013

This is a good cake, pretty standard but tasty. We didn't think it was dry at all. I started testing for doneness at about 20 minutes, but in my oven it needed the full time. I definitely advise checking for doneness with a tester; my cake was done before it looked done. Thanks for posting! Made for Please Review My Recipe.

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Chocolatl February 16, 2010

this was a fun cake to bake, i have 2 heart shaped pans that i rarely use. i followed your directions but also melted some white chocolate for the top and drizzled some raspberry sauce over everything. my family prefers a sweeter moister cake and this was a bit dry for our tastes. i did bake them for 25 minutes because they weren't quite done after 20, next time i would go with the shorter timing.

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chia February 20, 2005
Chocolate Cake