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Since I was letting my other half take this to an AA meeting, I did a little juggling & ended up substituting 2 tablespoons AND 2 teaspoons of chocolate extract for the Kahlua in the sauce, but otherwise followed the recipe ingredient by ingredient & step by step! The result was a very wonderful tasting chocolate fix, without the joy (for AA members, at least!) of the Kahlua! Was glad I kept a piece for myself, since there was nothing left after the meeting! This is one of the nicest bread puddings I've ever made! Thanks for sharing the recipe! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Please Review My Recipe cooking game]

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Sydney Mike April 29, 2008

This recipe was delicious - but I didn't give it 5 stars because I modified it and I think it overdoes it with tons of sugar. I didn't add the egg yolks and I halved the second amount of sugar that is added to the egg mixture. It probably doesn't even need that. It has such a strong chocolatey flavor I don't want to overwhelm it with pure sweet. Also I didn't put any sugar in the Kahlua sauce, but added a touch of cream, kahlua has lots of sugar already and you don't want to cover up that flavor with tons of sugar. I didn't make the toppings only because I didn't have pecans.

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mich_l728 August 08, 2012

WOW! This is a wonderful bread pudding!!! I made this for a Memorial Day dinner my parents were attending. Everyone loved it! The sauce is absolutely delicious, and the bread pudding it just perfect. Thanks 2Bleu this is a blue ribbon recipe! This will be made again! Thanks 2Bleu! Made for PRMR

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kittycatmom May 26, 2009
Chocolate Bread Pudding With Pecan Streusel Topping