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After reading the other reviews, I decided to prevent dryness by adding 1/4 cup of applesauce and using canola oil instead of melted butter. I omitted the nuts, because the kids dont' like them, and threw in a handful of mini chocolate chips. The bread came out nice, and fairly moist, although I think it would have been terribly dry without the addition of the applesauce and chocolate chips. I made mini loaves and baked for 35 minutes, which is 5 minutes less than I usually bake quick breads in my mini loaf pans. Also important to note, is that I am baking this at a high altitude, which usually requires less oil. If I were baking this at sea level, I would increase the oil / butter to at least 1/3, maybe 1/2 cup. or add 1/3 cup applesauce in addition to the butter called for in the recipe. Overall, with the additions I made, it was a nice bread with a good flavor.

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Sally Sasquatch October 01, 2008

This was a real disappointment to me because I was making this bread for friends who don't eat banana nut and other fruit breads. They didn't think it was moist enough or had enough chocolate. The instructions said it would be done in 30 to 35 minutes in a large bread pan. I made three mini loaves and they cooked an hour. I don't think this was my oven because other breads cook the time stated. This could be a really good recipe if it was adapted to have more moistness and chocolate. I definitely will not make it again as directed.

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S. Morgan September 28, 2004

The bread was very easy to make, and turned out beautifully, but for some reason was way too dry. I went exactly by the recipe except I used walnuts instead of pecans, and I don't think that would have caused it. ;) It wasn't even tasty enough to eat so after trying a slice everyday for three days, I finally ended up throwing it out. I couldn't decide between four or three stars - four because it was easy to make & smelled heavenly while cooking - and three because of the taste. I ended up giving it a four just in case it was something I had done wrong, or maybe my oven cooks a little hotter and I overcooked it? I may try this again - just because it's chocolate :) - and bake it about 10 minutes less.

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Paulette February 28, 2003

I needed something quick to make to fill up some Christmas cookie boxex. This fit the bill! I divided the batter into 4 small loaf pans and added some chopped walnuts to the top prior to baking. The cooking time was about 30 minutes.

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Chicagopm December 20, 2002

Oh,Oh,Oh.Easy to put together and delicious to eat!!I served huge thick slices with powdered sugar and fresh strawberries,only thing missin was the whipped cream,which im definatly going to have the next time I make this!!!If you like chocolate I would reccomend trying this one!!Thanks for posting:)It was thouroughly enjoyed.

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crawfish pie April 27, 2002

Lovely! Splendid! Very tasty. It took 1 hour 15 mins. to bake in my pan, I couldn't wait to munch it down! Thanks!

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Charishma_Ramchandani February 25, 2002
Chocolate Bread