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This was pretty good. My sister and I made this for a Halloween party last night and ours looked very brown. We had to add a lot more red food coloring to make it look right, but once we got there, it worked out great. I covered a whole wall with butcher paper and we had a splatter-fest! If you need to amp up the gore factor, I recommend adding a few spoonfuls of cranberry sauce to the mix.

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Kevlarturtle October 29, 2006

I had so much fun with this on the weekend with three 12 y.o boys and a 10 y.o boy. It's so realistic I told them to stay away from the road as people may think I'd done some damage to them LOL. Excellent recipe and will be definately used again. Thanks for posting.

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tummy*yummies November 21, 2005

This was really good fun to prepare and it does look so much like real blood. I made it dry on the side of my mouth and some accidentally fell on a cloth. When it dried up, it looked like blood! This is a very neat recipe. Thanks alot for sharing, EdsGirlAngie! UPDATE: I put this in an airtight container and refrigerated it overnight. Today, after 1 whole day has passed, I checked the consistency of this. It was really thick and even tasted so sinfully delcious! I had fun pouring this chocolate blood on a banana and feeding it to a little 7 year old girl. She said it was yummy!:)

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Charishma_Ramchandani November 02, 2004
Chocolate Blood