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I've made this and it's fantastic. For anyone still dreaming of Ebinger's famous blackout cake, this is it.

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June's sister May 05, 2003

Considering the name, I was hoping for more chocolatier cake than this was. It was a nice cake overall, but not chocolatey enough for my family and me, sorry.

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K's April 26, 2007

I have never had a Blackout cake before as Ebinger's not in India - but this cake I made for my b'day and many more birthdays since is a real Chocolate knockout cake. I stuck to the recipe as closely as I could and it was so well described. I did not have buttermilk in hand so I curdled 1/2 a cup of milk with a tsp of vinegar. The batter was thinner than I am normally used to and took 10 mins more to cook to perfection. I made the ganache (Mean Chef's recipe) too and the whole effect was perfect. I used r/toasted walnuts and chocolate slabs at the side to decorate. It looked so good (I've posted a pic!) and everyone said sinful after the first bite but then sin catches on fast as they came back for more. ;) Fay

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Girl from India November 22, 2004
Chocolate Blackout Cake