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Sinful is right! It's rich but not overly sweet. . . guess it's the beer that tames the brown sugar. Had a challenge with the meaurements; since this is a UK recipe it's stated in ounces, not cups. No problem with the liquids, but the sugar, cocoa and flour were challenging. Not sure how close this is to the intended amounts, but here's what I used: 1/4 cup cocoa 1 1/2 cups dark brown sugar 1 1/4 (-a smidgen) flour Not sure why, but I did not have enough batter to bake in two round pans, so used an 8x8 glass square dish. Because I was not following the recipe decided I needed to check for doneness at about the 25 minute point; which was the wrong thing to do . . . the center fell a little (just filled it in with more frosting -- yummy). Thanks Chef V for sharing this treasure! Made one more change . . . substituted a good quality cocoa for the solid dark chocolate and it worked wonderfully, and alot less work!

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Galley Wench September 24, 2007

This cake has real WOW POWER!!! I made it for my husband's birthday. I used a digital kitchen scale so did not have any problems with the measurements. I bought two 8 inch pans, as I only had 9 inch ones. I had plenty of batter...it poofs as it bakes!!! I made two batches and doubled the icing recipe. My final cake was about 10 inches tall. I had enough icing to frost the sides, too. The general consensus was that this cake was the chocolatiest cake EVER!!! Thank you for a GREAT recipe!!!

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Omegachowz December 31, 2010

Like teh pp, I also didn't have enough batter for 2 pie pans. I think it's because I skipped the sifted flour part. I made them anyway and just cut them in half to make 4 layers instead of 2 (and only half a cake). Because I'm at high altitude, I also baked at 360 and it came out done at 30 minutes. I used Yeti, a local stout and the beer went really well with the cake.

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Mulligan May 31, 2010

Sinfully good - chocolate decadence!!! This is for a SERIOUS chocolate fan - and perfect to serve to guests!! beautiful and rich ~ everyone here tonight raved. I did not put the walnuts in the filling layer as we had a few with dislikes, issues with nuts. My pics do NOT do this justice - and I am sure someone good at baking can make this FABULOUS to behold. ;) Thanks V!!

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Mommy Diva May 21, 2007
Chocolate Beer Cake