Chocolate Banana Coffee

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 5 mins

I love flavoured coffees, but hate the price. I often make my own with various extracts. Here's a favorite of mine. *Note: for the extract and cocoa, use first measurements for a more subtle flavour, the second measurements for a stronger flavour.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 78.07 ml coffee, grounds (or however strong you normally make a 12 cup pot of coffee)
  • 2.46-4.92 ml banana extract
  • 4.92-7.39 ml cocoa


  1. Add cocoa to coffee filter.
  2. Pour coffee ground and extract on top.
  3. Add needed water to coffee maker and turn on.
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This was very good. I made it as previous viewer did to avoid clogging problems. I can see myself having this after playing outdoors with the kids next winter.

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Mmmmmmmmm, chocolate, banana and coffee. What a lovely combo. I put the cocoa into the cup instead of the filter because I have had it clog the filter in the past and make a real mess. It's simple and delicious, a great anytime coffee. :D