Chocolate Bailey Martini by Bistro Bond Babes

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 0 mins

Recipe created for the British Pub Crawl Challenge (ZWT8) by Team Bistro Babes. Other flavoured vodka such as marshmellow would work great in this drink too


  1. Add Bailey's, vodka and chocolate syrup to shaker filled with ice and shake - do NOT stir - vigorously while wearing a skimpy bikini and do your best to look hot while shaking. At this point you may have to suck in your tummy.
  2. Pour into chilled martini glasses.
  3. Grate a bit of chocolate on top.
  4. Serve to your Bond or Bond-to-be or pour for yourself because you are a Bond Babe, too.
Most Helpful

Delicious! What's not to love with Bailey's and chocolate! I made this using the marshmallow vodka option and loved it. Quick to make, even quicker to goes down very smoothly.
**Made for ZWT 8 Beverage Dart Board Challenge**

Bayhill September 03, 2012

Wow! Delicious. Sweet, but so yummy. I admit that I skipped the bikini today, but might try it next time I make it. Made for ZWT 8 - the Lively Lemon Lovelies.

PanNan September 03, 2012

What a great cocktail. I actually made a second one with raspberry vodka and it was yummy too. One more and I might have put on the skimpy bikini. lol. Thanks Bistro Babes for a fun drink on a sunny afternoon. Made for ZWT8 - Beverage Dart Board challenge.

lazyme September 03, 2012