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This recipe is very good! I choppped my apricots a bit too finely (didn't really notice them as much as I would have liked). Next time I will chop them in larger pieces so I can enjoy the flavor a bit more (but that was MY error). The chocolate fudge was nice and creamy too! Definitely love this recipe and will put it in my Christmas regulars! Thanks for such a great change over regular fudge!

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Milkman's Daughter December 15, 2011

It certainly takes a slightly evil mind to post something like this and I bow to your wisdom in sharing this. I used 12 oz milk chocolate chips in place of the sweet baking chocolate but otherwise followed directions. Thanks so very much, it will be made up as Holiday treats but I need to share this soon and get it out of my reach.

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Mean Mary September 07, 2011

Though I do not have a candy thermometer, I used a meat thermometer an worked out well. Enjoyed these with my neighbors during the football game today, the chocolate combo and apricots were a nice combo. We were commenting about that commercial.."Can't stop eating those_____". Very addicting moist, and full of chocolate.Thanks for the recipe. Have to save this one.
ade for PRMR tag.

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weekend cooker September 03, 2011

10 Stars! What a decadent recipe, it's so wicked that I think I need to become a Catholic and go to Confession! I used something called marshmallow fluff ( very new in supermarkets here) and added in some extra chopped marshmallows, (they melted in the warm chocolate)and just used block "puur" chocolate broken into bits for the correct quantity of chocolate. I did make a few small errors that were totally mine and not the recipes: I obviously didn''t butter my dish well enough because I had a devil of a time getting it out of the pan ( I will experiment with lining a dish with foil for next time) and I did use a deeper pan, a shallow one is definiately to be recommended. Also I rather roughly chopped my apricots, next time I will finely chop them so that they get better distributed around the fudge and the pieces don't break up so much around the big lumps of apricot. Taste: a total total winner ! This is smooth chocolateness at it's best, not cloyingly sweet and the apricots give an interesting balance to the decadent chocolate. Sadly the nutritional information might seem to be incorrect? : only 75 calories per serving?? with all that sugar and chololate? even if it would be... in the end it's not, ...all my Sint Nicolas guests were going back for fourths ! In the end if you are pushing the boat out for a treat then deep water is not to be worried about: go for the pure indulgence ! This is in my humble opinion a restuarant quality recipe that my family are already asking to see again. Please see my Rating System: I think that I should just slip this onto the table during my next Staff Evaluation meeting with my boss LOL ... 5 brilliantly excellent stars for one of the best recipes I have found on Zaar so far. Thanks Syd!

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kiwidutch December 07, 2008
Chocolate Apricot Fudge