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I made this recipe after finding the recipe while on a southwest air flight. Chocolate and bacon lovers should love this recipe. It is very creamy, covers the 3 chocolate flavours and melts in your mouth.

I found the recipe to being a little time consuming with the steps involved and having to set the layers in the freezer. Definitely use parchment paper or plastic! I fried the bacon as directed and put it in a mini food processor to get the bacon finely chopped. NEXT time I will buy a large bag of real bacon bits and just fry them up a little. I found if you left the bars out of the freezer they got very messy, so I cut them in small pieces and just left them in the freezer until serving them in little paper candy holders. They are rich so you only need small pieces.

They are soooo worth the trouble!

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mrsbud1 August 31, 2012

I made this recipe too, and had the same problem with the white chips not setting. I used Ghiradelli White chocolate chips.

After hours of freezing, the bars never quite got solid, but I was able to finally get them out of the pan. Next time, I will line the pan with plastic wrap first, so that they come out with less fuss.

I did cut a few corners, so that might account for some of my problems - I melted the chocolate in the microwave, and forgot to heat the cream for the first layer, but it seemed to combine fine with the melting dark chocolate. Cooking all that bacon was a pain in the backside, next time I will buy the pre-cooked bacon (that won't set off my smoke detector!) OR I will use less bacon and sub in some pretzel pieces...

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pinsanneedles January 10, 2012
Chocolate Almond Bacon Bars