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Bluemoon.... I relied REALLY havily on Ellies review to help me make this, You are missing a quantity of water in the choc mousse section, water , galatin and cream in the mint mousse section and since this recipe got printed out on the shopping list, and I read the review *afterwards* I was scraping to have enough cream to get the recipe together. I too used galatin in sachets, 1 each for the mousse and or the mint mousse and niether was anywhere set. The mint mouse was actually still really liquid and the ganache, which I spooned carefully on top floated on it. I did make this in one large bowl, but did it the day before guests arrived so that it would have lots of extra setting time. What a total shame that the whole thing was like soup, it tasted great though and after guests had had a try and a laugh I took it to the kitchen, used the blended to mix the mint layer into the rest really well, and put it into the freezer as improvised icecream. I haven't tried that, but DH says it's good :) I guess what is most dissapointing of all is that Ellies review was made a while ago and you haven't managed to fix the recipe for us. I'd appreciate it if you could becuase it's got a great taste, but the making of it is so totally frustating that at the moment it completely puts me off making this again. Thanks for a recipe with potential :)

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kiwidutch July 10, 2006

Very good, but I made some minor changes due to unfamiliar/unavailable ingredients and some ommissions of the ingredients in step 2 (mint mousse). I used one envelope of unfavored gelatin (instead of the leaf) in one cup of water in step one. I also used milk chocolate because I bought the wrong chocolate (but it worked out great). In step 2 (mint mousse) the directions call for the gelatin again (used the envelope with 1/ 2 cup water) and the directions mentioned whipped cream - I used one cup heavy cream - whipped. For the light cream in step 3 I used half-and-half. Also instead of using individual glasses, I made this in a big glass bowl (however it takes longer to set)--delicious! With my slight changes we enjoyed this dessert a lot and will be making this again!

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ellie_ March 19, 2006
Chocolate After-Dinner Mint Parfaits