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Yum yum! There was some debate in our house about whether the pudding should have risen more? It was relatively flat but still delicious and completely decadent with the chocolate sauce. We'll make it again, perhaps in ramekins next time to shorten the cooking time. Thanks for posting it!

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Sackville January 23, 2010

Gluten free here too, I used red mill all purpose gluten free flour. I used custard cups and used a vegetable/rice steamer which worked fine. I did not make the Choc Sauce and we loved it just the way it was.

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JanaBird March 09, 2013

This was so yummy! I had to adapt the recipe because we are gluten and lactose free, and I cooked them in coffee cups in a regular steam pan on the stove top which took 25-30 minutes and worked out great! This is what I used: 2/3 cups glutinous rice flour plus 1 tsp baking powder, only 5 tbsp cane sugar and using full fat milk (lactose free) I forgot to add the butter (and never missed it :-)) Thank you so much for this forgiving and versatile recipe! Edit: Forgot to mention that frozen and then defrosted bananas worked just as well as fresh ones :-) :-)

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Suzy mom to 2 February 12, 2010

This was the first steamed pudding I've ever made or eaten, so I wasn't sure what to expect. So, now I know how delicious this type of dessert is (or, at least, I know how great this particular steamed pudding is :) ). Also, this couldn't be easier to prepare; it took about 15 minutes to mix together, then I was able to basically forget about it while it steamed on my stovetop. For those who aren't familiar with this type of dessert, the result is a very, very moist cake. I didn't have any brandy or orange juice, so I used Triple Sec in the chocolate sauce - yum! Thanks for the lovely recipe; it was a great reason to break my diet! :)

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Aunt Cookie February 28, 2007
Choc Chip & Banana Pudding W/Glossy Choc Sauce (Steamed)