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This has good flavor and we enjoy it for breakfast. I recently used a savory cheddar-garlic biscuit mix that I had on hand for the crust, and I thought that was a nice addition. My only critique would be that it's not very hearty. I would say it really only serves 6 as a main dish, as it is rather on the thin side for a breakfast casserole. I think it would be nice on a buffet, with some pastries and fruit, and then you could probably get 10-12 servings out of it.

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berry271 October 11, 2010

My DD made this for the annual 4-H Foods Revue....her assigned category was Kentucky Derby Brunch/Tea, and this was the featured item on her menu. And boy--we sure enjoyed her PRACTICE baking! She made it three different ways: one with straight ham, the second with ham and bacon, and the last with pepperoni. I'm all for the ham and ham-n-bacon. DELISH! She skipped the 'maters, and used red bell pepper instead---the judge LOVED the color, and I think it was less "watery" that way, too. Great recipe, very easy to make, and definitely a KEEPER. She ended up with a second-place ribbon, but got high marks for her menu--so that was great!

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Debber April 30, 2008
Chive-Ham Brunch Bake