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Recipe by chiggerhill99

This is the ultimate soul food. Chitterlings are pork intestines. Traditionally food of poor blacks and whites in the south, chitterlings now is enjoyed by all, regardless of geographic location, economic status, or race. Try it you will like it.

Top Review by CreoleMom

First, Chittlins are an acquired taste and they are not for everyone! Now being a Southern gal, this is typically how I make my Chitlins! I definitely recommend cutting off that extra fat (from pre-washed Chittlins) and even cutting the chittlins up in smaller pieces. Serve with Tabasco's Haberno and Lime Hot Sauce.....ummmmm... The best of the best!

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  1. Wash chitterlings throughly. Trim fat, leaving a small amount for seasoning. In a large sauce pan, cover chitterlings with water. Add red pepper flakes, minced garlic, black pepper, and salt. Cook chitterlings until tender, 2 to 3 hours. Drain and cut into serving sized pieces. Serve hot, at once.
  2. Great accompaniments are white beans and turnip greens.
  3. Pan Fried Chitterlings; Dip boiled chitterlings in cornmeal. Fry in hot shortening until brown.
  4. Deep Fat Fried Chitterlings; Dip boiled chitterlings in beaten egg, then in crushed saltine cracker. Fry in deep hot fat (375 degrees) until brown.

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