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You can't imagine how hard I laughed about UmmBinat's changes. (Though I'm sure they were tasty.)

This is Tanzanian street food. If you're not cooking it in oil stolen from a transformer, you're not doing it right. The insects add protein. Chipsimayai is incomplete without a generous portion of pili pili (sliced fresh chilis, often habaneros or something similar to Thai chilis). Yes, they're hot. But come on, you're eating eggs and potatoes that are cooked in oil that has been reused for weeks.

If you want to be authentic, make sure your potatoes are cut into thick chips (or fries, depending on which country you're in). They're not meant to be crispy. And you only use enough egg to hold the thing together. Salt generously. (This is no time to think about your blood pressure!)

Glad you added this recipe.

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Tanzanian Expat February 20, 2013

Pretty good for kids. I did use some olive oil to be dairy free so the omelette would not stick to the pan, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper & organic corn free ketchup.

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UmmBinat September 27, 2011
Chips My Eye - Variation