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10/7/07 - I have been making this for over 11 years. It is a childhood 1950's favorite of my husbands and an acquired taste for me. So now, over 10 years later, I actually kind of enjoy it! I often wondered who thought of throwing all these things together in a casserole. Makes me think it was "clean out the fridge" day. HA! I make a lower fat version using 97% FF soup, FF milk and full fat sharp cheddar and you wouldn't know the difference. UPDATE- 9/09, I made this 3 hours early, not overnight and it turned out great. If this is not chilled from the fridge, BAKE for only 45 mins. I also used 4oz. grated cheese. The picky kids even gobbled it up! Served with Baked Tomato Halves.

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Chicagoland Chef du Jour September 03, 2009
Chipped Beef Casserole