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Great sauce! Wonderful smoky flavor from the chipotles and a very interesting combination. One thing I loved was that used generously it had a nice tang from the chile, but used more sparingly it still had a great flavor so my GF not so much into spicy foods loved it as well.It really turned a plain grilled piece of steak into something special.

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Peter J March 07, 2011

This sauce is the Bomb! Best I've ever made and happens to be my son's FAVORITE!! He's a super picky eater too. Better than store bought for sure. It is especially good when using it in Buffalo Chicken pizza on this site: http://www.food.com/recipe/buffalo-chicken-pizza-286131. I've made this pizza using store bought chipotle barbecue sauce and used the home made sauce and by FAR Rita's sauce exceeds on flavor by leaps and bounds. Thx Rita!

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ForeverMama July 01, 2012
Chipotles in Adobo BBQ Sauce