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Epic fail: this is in no way shape or form chipotle's guac recipe the only thing she got right is avao and cilantro the ingredient list for chipotle guac is as follows; RIPE hass avocado's (1 case about 50 avao's) 2 cups choped(do not bruise) cilantro. 2and1/2 cups finly diced red onion. 1/3 cup finly diced jalapinos. 1/2 cup citrus juice(chipotle use's a blended citrus juice consisting of 80/20 lemon and lime)and 2 tbl. kosher salt..I have worked at chipotle for a long time and I make this every day. and oh for best results mash the avao's by hand. oh and the chips, fried in soy oil and seasoned with kosher salt and fresh squeezed lime.

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krissurbrook January 13, 2010

A very good guacamole recipe. I've made this twice in the past week. The first time I used the full amount of cilantro, and found it was a bit much (even making the guacamole a bit dry), so I made it again. I cut the amount of cilantro in half, and it still had plenty of cilantro flavor, but it turned out much better. I'll make it again.

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PanNan March 22, 2003

Definitely Epic Fail! I gotta agree with Chef #1520765 - Epic Fail! Who knows if either this recipe or the one Chef #1520765 gives are really Chipotle's - at a minimum - the ratios are all wrong for this recipe. I have a guac. recipe with similar ingredients but different ratios; mine is a good recipe, but definitely not Chipotle's. I thought that maybe these ratios would make my recipe better - NO! I used red onion, and only one serrano (only had one); It was too salty, and there was way too much cilantro & onion. I love garlic, but it ruined this guac (I'm now convinced garlic does not belong in guac). After tasting this disaster, I added two more avocados to help dilute the onion, cilantro, salt, etc... - I probably needed to add ten more. Basically good ingredients - Probably wrong ratios - Definitely NOT Chipotle's recipe!!!

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whatz4dinner February 05, 2011

Good but I made some changes to the recipe.. only 1 teaspoon of lime juice, use red onion (instead of just any kind of onion), and no cilantro. Turns out very good.

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purplesugar714 June 14, 2010

While it tasted pretty good (a little heavy on the cilantro though), it does not taste like Chipotle guac at all, sorry. Chipotle guac does not have garlic, and it definitely has red onion and jalapeno.

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ScrappieDoo May 17, 2010

This recipe has WAY too much lime juice! I cut it down to half and it was still too much! I would like to try it again adjusting the lime juice.

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xraygal1 August 19, 2009

This really does taste like Chipotle's! I made a couple adjustments to this recipe to suit my tastes though... I only used 1/2 a seeded jalepeno (that was plenty heat for me!) and cut the cilantro down to 2 tbsp. This recipe doesn't specify, but I used red onion and kosher salt in my guac (since that is what Chipotle uses!).

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daisygirl0210 June 04, 2009

This was the EXACT recipe I was looking for--I hadn't actually hoped to find it listed as the one from Chipotle, but it's what I've been wanting, and looking at the ingredients, I can tell that's what it is! I'm so stoked to try this!!! I don't normally like guacamole, but this recipe has converted me! Thank you SO MUCH for submitting!!!

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trayceetee April 17, 2006
Chipotle's Guacamole