Chipotle Steak Salad

Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

You can use leftover grilled Chicken or pork instead of steak.You can also cube the meat and serve tossed into a pasta for a pasta salad. Or small cubed to make a dip to serve with crackers or an appetizer.

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  1. Mix everything together.
  2. If Steak was well seasoned before grilling omit the salt & pepper.
  3. Serve on a nice hearty toasted roll, or on a bed of greens and avocado, wrap in a tortilla.
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This was very good, I used leftover chicken and instead of chipotle pepper, I used 2 T of dices chilli peppers and 1/2 t of liquid smoke. Great flavor.

4 5

this sauce is reminiscent of russian dressing, with a nice kick from the chile! i omitted the salt and pepper as the steak was well seasoned. this is great for leftovers, thanks rita