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Temperature test The jam is ready when the temperature registers 105ºC (221ºF) on a candy thermometer. Simply immerse the thermometer in the jam shortly before the specified cooking time is completed, keeping it away from the base and the sides of the pan. Leave in position until the temperature has been reached. Boil a little longer if necessary. Saucer test Drop a spoonful of the jam on to a chilled saucer and leave to cool slightly. Push your finger through the jam: if the surface wrinkles, the jam is ready. Return to the heat and boil a little longer if necessary. Flake test Using a large wooden spoon, lift a little of the jam out of the pan. Let it cool slightly then tip the spoon so that the jam drops back into the pan. If it has been boiled for long enough, drops of the syrup will run together along the edge of the spoon and form flakes which will break off sharply. Boil a little longer if necessary.

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mollypaul July 03, 2010

WOW! How wonderful is this! This recipe was chosen for the 40 pounds of plums we had for jammin. What a wonderful combination orange and chipotle are. Rita I am a fan of chipotle and love this recipe, as good on toast as I think it will be as a baste for chicken or pork. Only change I made was to use the ratio of 2 to 1 for the sugar. I have more plums ripening so there will be more of this made. Thank you for posting this delicious jam.

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:)Shirl(: August 09, 2011

One of the best canning recites I have ever used. # 1 use, BBQ sauce. My family and friends can not get enough. Thank you for sharing.

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Susan B. December 30, 2014

this is totally delicious, but no way does it make 8 pints. My daughter made it and she go eight half pints and I got seven. It took forever to get it up to 212 degrees. Also, I added some lemon zest, too. Yum. We used yellow plums for this batch, but I will try it again with purple plums later in the year.<br/><br/>Another thought...when the recipe calls for 4 pints (8 cups) of plumbs, there is no way you can possibly get 8 pints out of this unless you are a very holy person!! :)

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SharonJMKJ August 03, 2014

This turned out great, so tasty! I have a huge plum tree and have been looking for something other than regular plum jam. I plan on making more of this. Thanks for posting this recipe!

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NAKscrap July 11, 2010

Very tasty and quite a kick! I let mine get to 240 degrees, and it set perfectly. I think the yield is off though. . .perhaps it is supposed to be half-pints, not pints?

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fay hutch July 08, 2010
Chipotle Plum Jam