Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Recipe courtesy of The East Coast Grill and the Back Eddy. The Restaurant owner serves this mayonnaise on a grilled coriander rubbed chicken sandwich.


  1. Combine and mix ingredients in a medium size bowl. Use immediately or cover and refrigerate.
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I love this, is full of flavor. and I can see many condiments uses for it for. My mind races the possibilities, I can do with it. Thank You! for posting it. Grpa

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Made for ZWT-8, I decided to try some new Mex-style condiments. I may live in Iceland, but my roots were Tex-Mex (Dallas) B4 coming here. Mexican fare is full of flavour. It's a "Party on Your Palate" & my Tex-Mex table always looked like a buffet of palate-pleaser condiments. Some were just expected & always there, but I look for the unexpected now & your recipe got my full attention. The combo of the peppers, lime juice cilantro gives this mayo a great flavour & it will be so good on burgers, brisket or grilled chicken sandwiches, etc. I bet it would also be good used in a tangy egg salad. My mind races w/the possibilities. Thx for sharing this recipe w/us. :-)

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Delicious and I'm sending some home, along with the recipe, with someone who apparently doesn't live on the planet Earth and has never heard or tried chipotle peppers.