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I loved this recipe and I will definitely will be making this again!!!! I couldn't find the peppers anywhere and our store didn't have Gorgonzola so I substituted blue cheese instead and it still turned out great. Thanks for posting Claudia Dawn

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Chef Mean Green March 01, 2008

I feel awful disagreeing with so many reviewers, so I'm thinking maybe it was just us...We didn't like this recipe at all. It was a lot of work and took a lot of ingredients and was WAY too vinegary for our tastes. The other ingredients in the sauce and burger were great--I felt like the vinegar really ruined it for us--that's all we could taste or smell. If you don't mind lots of vinegar, you'd probably like this recipe.

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Chef SuzyQ July 22, 2008

WOW mm mm mmmm! I tell you what, I knew these would be delicious from all the yummy ingredients in them. The sauce gave the burgers a great added flavor and tangy-ness. My bf wasn't for sure about putting the sauce on his burger (he's plain). But after he tried it he really like the sauce on them. Since it was just him and myself, I formed all the meat into patties and froze the rest, including the left over sauce we had, for next time! I have never had gorgonzola cheese on a burger but it sure was delicious! I made exactly as stated except added a little mayo, red onion, and lettuce on the burger! This is a great recipe when your wanting something different than the ordinary burger! SOOO GOOD!

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*pink* May 21, 2008

What can I say? This recipe exceeded my expectations. I can't believe how good this was. I made it exactly like the recipe stated and even if it took some time it was well worth it. Thanks Claudia Dawn for sharing!

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Beansy April 11, 2007

I recommend getting the cook book "Build a Better Burger" by James McNair. It has Sutter Home's Annual "America's Best Burger" winners dating back to 1990 - about 70 recipes total. I've tried 8 recipes so far and each one has been so unique and undenialbly OUTSTANDING! Your grill is begging you! Enjoy!

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GIAD January 29, 2007

The sauce for this burger is fantastic - a 10 star if I could give it-perfect balance of flavors. I wish I had made the full recipe but I cut it back for just two burgers. I would love to simmer meatballs in this sauce. I found the Grogonzola lost and a bit sharp with the sauce. It was still a wonderful burger that I enjoyed but next time I make it I will use Neerdammer or Edam cheese. I took a shortcut with the sauce - I put all the ingredients in a pot, heated it to boiling and simmered covered for 10 minutes, uncovered for a further 5 - lovely texture. Thanks for posting this wonderfujl recipe Claudia

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Bergy December 03, 2006

Yikes, I realized that I forgot to review this and we made it months ago! It was WONDERFUL. We made the burgers "as is" for guests and everyone love them. I did use peppered, thick sliced bacon and layered exactly as stated. YUM! The burgers stand alone and need nothing else added to them. I doubled the sauce and froze the leftovers which we are using to make the recipe again tomorrow for a new set of guests. I am going to try the burger part of it this time with ground Italian sausage rather than plain - I think the added seasonings will be good with the mix.

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DDW August 07, 2004

This recipe did not work well for my family, I am sorry to say. The two teenage boys at my house only ate part of their hamburgers. They said they felt like they were eating meatloaf - not hamburgers. DH liked his okay. I enjoyed mine more as a leftover the next day with miracle whip, mustard and ketchup on it. We poured out the rest of the sauce instead of doubling it :(

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Trisha W June 11, 2004

Excellent recipe. The sauce is amazing and I also should have made more. You could use this sauce hot or cold on lots of different things. The flavour combinations of the cheese, roma tomatoes, bacon and meat patties match so well together. An easy recipe to put together in the morning ready for cooking at night. Thanks for a recipe that I will use often.

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Jewelies May 17, 2004

Oh my! Keeper is definitely the word for this. I should have taken your advice and multiplied this recipe because I will definitely be making this again. I omitted the bacon because dh has to be careful of his cholesterol but I would imagine that it would be even better with it. So glad you posted it in that thread. If this is an example of your recipes I need to go look at the rest of them. Thanks for posting!

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Mysterygirl May 12, 2004
Chipotle-Honey BBQ Bacon Burger with Gorgonzola Cheese