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Sooooo Good!!!! I love the cinnamon and spice. All I had was chocolate revel ice cream, so that added a little more chocolate flavor. Instead of making ice cubes, I poured that mixture into a shallow pan, froze it, then scraped the top every hour, making these cool ice crystals. (I saw this on the Giada De Laurentiis show). Then I mixed everything together, topped with a nice dollop of whipped cream and enjoyed ... mmmmm :)

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"Ratalouille" January 30, 2009

Yummo, this is a winner, sweet, creamy & decadent with the chipotle kick on the palette. It's just enough not too much of anything, measurements are perfect, loved this!

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**Mandy** January 19, 2008

I loved this & I am not one for frozen drinky thingies!!! I am very picky when it comes to frozen treats ( I am admittedly a hard to please Lady!!!) - BUT this ROCKS!!! It is the spice and sweet heat of the cinnamon and chipotle that "shakes" this up - loved it!!! I used a low-cal hot chocolate mix, regular half and half (sorry - that's all I had) and low fat chocolate ice cream. I had made the ice cubes a few days before the shake/slush so they were there when the mood struck for an icy treat. Love the mix of the chili spice & cinnamon with chocolate - what a rich, decadent drink!!! Made for ZWT3 on a busy weekend while DH and I are packing to move; so I ended up pouring the whole blender batch into one glass to share (not much left on our shelves!!!) - my presentation could have been so much better...I plan to make another batch in my new digs in celebration...it is that great of a treat. It gave us just the kick we needed to get back to our tasks happily - refreshed and energized!! - Loved it - Thanks cookiedog

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free-free June 24, 2007

Wow Cookie, this little treat called me from across the internet. It is so good. I'm so glad that I prepared the chocolate and coffee ice cubes yesterday. What a lovely way to wake up. All of my favourite things in a ice cold drink. Coffee, chocolate, ice cream and hot & spicy spices. I can't wait for my dh to get home so that I can enjoy the slush all over again with him...Thanks for sharing.

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Baby Kato May 03, 2007
Chipotle Chili-Spiked Mocha Slush