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Easy, one hour flat and it was done, (even while having 2 boys running in and out) and we loved it so much, that I had to write about it. First off, mainly what I do here on the Zaar, is find great recipe bases and then complicate them or maybe a better term is mod them. This one needed little modding- all I did on the seasoning front was add a a tbsp of chipotle powder, 3 tbsp of cilantro, and a packet of taco seasoning mix that wasn't going anywhere soon. My goal was to make this fit into 2 lasagna pans so I added a box of Arroyo Rice into a couple of the layers and a package of Chorizo sausage too. That gave me just enough volume, along with heavy doses of cheese, to make it just fit my desired result. LOVED IT. Something I will do next time is put in extra layers of burritos too. I firmly believe that El Banderito is the best for store bought. We ate half of one pan within 15 minutes, just my wife and I. It had been a long day! Thanks, Vanilla B. Can't believe that no one has rated this yet...

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Chef Valbowski May 22, 2010
Chipotle Burrito Pie -- OAMC