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This recipe is wonderful! I used boneless ribs and added a few more pounds, so doubled the sauce ingredients. I kept the cook time to 6 hours. They turned out great. I really loved the flavor. The orange marmalade really tones down the soy sauce, leaving a subtle, delicious flavor. I used this recipe for company and everyone enjoyed it. Made for Photo Tag.

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LifeIsGood June 05, 2012

I used baby back ribs...I did brown them before throwing them in the crock pot...cooked them for 6 hours on low and used the apricot preserves...yummy!...We loved them...thanks for posting the recipe...=)

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teresas August 02, 2013

For 3 of us I used just under 1 kilo of boneless prok spare ribs (but as delicious as they were I was still wishing I could have gotten them on the bone because I feel they would have been even better and well there is nothing better than nawing on tender meat of the bone). Cooked fpr 6 hours in the crock pot (had 6 ribs and 5 fitted in the bottom and 1 on top which I pushed down as the rest cooked and it was not quite as fall apart as the rest). Once cooked I tgransferred to a plate and covered with alfoil and put the sauce into a small pot and put on a rapid boil and reduced by half and then thickened with a little cornflour slurry to give a slightly thicker consistency and that lovely glossy look. Tonight I served it with Dairy Free Asian Inspired Coleslaw but would consider serving with rice to use more of that oh so lovely tasting sauce and some steam vegies. hank you Kerfuffle-Upon-Wincle for a great recipe, made for 123 Hits.

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I'mPat August 24, 2012

Delicious extremely tender country ribs. I browned them in the oil in a dutch oven first before placing them in the crockpot. I doubled the sauce as my DH likes a lot of sauce, plus I think it would be tasty drizzled on low mien or rice. I cooked them on low for 7 hours and they were falling of the bone tender. Actually I could have made pulled pork easily with a fork. Made for Make My Recipe ~ Australia Day Tag.

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AcadiaTwo January 15, 2013

These were great. They needed a bit of salt at the table, so maybe next time I'll go half low sodium, half regular soy sauce. Otherwise, made them as directed and they were great! I made my own marmalade using this recipe: http://www.food.com/recipe/easy-orange-marmalade-78925

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GinaJohnson December 01, 2012

This is delicious!....changed the marmelade for apricot instead of orange

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Rosamaria B. October 28, 2013

I thought this was good, my husband and father in law didn't like the marmalade peel flavor very much. I used the home made marmalade with half sugar and half Splenda so maybe I didn't get that right. I'd like to try it again, with less marmalade and maybe add some ginger. We all thought it might be better served over rice or noodles as a lo mein to perhaps enhance the flavors.

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clarissegibson January 20, 2013
Chinese Pork Ribs (Crock Pot)