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These are by far my favorite cookie! I only use shortening, you get crisper outter and a chewier inner. I also added about a teaspoon extra of vanilla and a whole tsp of almond extract. An extra ounce of chocolate is delish! I roll them in sugar thn flatten! Yum, enjoy!!

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pattizamora_8629522 April 28, 2013

Betcha can't eat just one!! YUM. Good with hot tea, good with chilled Chablis. Made just as directed and they were excellent. I think a little almond extract would be very good in these, will use it next time. The 1 oz. of chocolate is quite enough when you start cutting it in, even when you don't think so. More wouldn't work. And don't cut in too much! You'll lose some of the contrast. I did scoop the dough, verrry carefully. I like the use of all shortening; butter would cause the cookies to spread more. The first pan, I forgot to flatten the cookies with the glass; I did the next two pans. I think the unflattened ones are just a tad better-tasting, why, I couldn't tell you, but the flattened ones are prettier. So next time I will just barely flatten them and see how it goes. All in all, a successful recipe. And an excellent cookie. Just in time for the season! fawn512, thanks a lot . . . Janet

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Jezski December 02, 2011

Being the chocoholic that I am, I used 2 ounces of chocolate instead of just the 1 stated, and it made the cookies muddy instead of marbly. I too, added about 1/2 tsp of almont extract, and I feel that this gave these cookies their distinctive taste and aroma. They were a nice change from the usual choc chip cookies. Thank you for posting.

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Ilovemy4kids March 09, 2007

These cookies hold special childhood memories for me. I have made them 3x's since being posted in the forums. Each time making changes. Keep in mind...Recipe as written is great! My oven...BAD!!! COPY/PASTE/EDITED from Forums: I used the 0 grams trans fat Crisco shortening to make myself believe that it was much better, all cake flour making the adjustments for substituting, and adding an additional 1/4 or so teaspoon of Almond extract. I baked for 8 minutes. Adding the Almond extract gave me more of the flavor I was looking for. I think next time I will reduce my baking time slightly more to try to achieve a chewier cookie for my oven. *I do use a cookie scoop to VERY gently gather the dough. This way Im consistent in size. DO NOT scoop the dough or you will mix the chocolate and you will not have a "marbled" effect. *Look in the forums to see discussion on this recipe if you wish.

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MammaBear23 March 06, 2007
Chinese Marble Cookies