Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 45 mins

Just dump it in a casserole and bake... If you like tinned mushrooms and bean sprouts, the prep time is even faster...

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  1. Cook the mushrooms in butter in a non stick pan until tender.
  2. (if you don't want to do this use 1 can sliced mushrooms) Add the bean sprouts and cook for two minutes (if you don't want to do this used tinned) Mix all the ingredients in a large casserole dish.
  3. Cover and bake at 350F for at least 45 minutes.
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This was a very quick and easy dish to put together. I had sauteed the mushrooms for a few minutes then added the celery, onions and sprouts and gave them about a minute. Also I had a quarter of a red pepper I threw in just to use it up. Put all that in a bowl while browning the beef. I had cut the recipe in half so instead of using half can of mushroom soup and half can of chicken , I just went with one can of mushroom soup. The water I used a 1/2 can of the soup can to measure. As I was told the Minute Rice use to come pre-done in Cans but it is no longer sold that way. So I used 1/2 Cup regular minute rice (uncooked) and that turned out to be a perfect amount. I mixed everything in the bowl then poured it into a casserole dish and baked it. I will have to say the casserole doesn't have a very appetizing look to it, but I will say that it is actually delicious. I just sprinkled a few noodles on top when I served it. The flavor was surprisingly yummy. I will make again and throw in some water chestnuts for some extra crunch. . Thanks for posting your recipe Pixie, we all loved it.

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This was a very easy casserole to make. The only thing I did different was to serve the meat mixture over the chow mein noodles instead of adding them in the casserole and topping it with soy sauce. Thanks Pixie