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These are good! Dr. Weil likes strong flavors, because this is another one of his recipes that has strong sesame and soy flavors. I like the flavors but to keep them subtle, I kept the dressing separate rather than pouring it into the beans and tossing. I served the dressing on the side so everybody could decide how strong in flavor they would like their salad to be. Love Dr. Weil, thanks for posting!!!

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Chef*Lee January 14, 2009

Wow! Holy Mustard! I'm a big mustard fan but this was overwhelming. The beans got lost in the heat. I threw out the first batch then started again, reducing the mustard to 2 teaspoons. Much more palatable.

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Chef Colin June 23, 2012

My garden is doing so well this year, that we could eat green beans every night! I need lots of good recipes. I really like the one my Chiropractor gave me, Mike's Fresh Green Bean Salad, last night we had Roasted Green Beans, tonight your fine recipe... and tomorrow, who knows...

I did not have any red onions, so I used Shallots... grated the ginger, because I can ;-) and did it directly into the sauce (used only about half the sauce, and will save it for other things). We had leftovers... leftover chicken, leftover rice, and the green beans waiting for me to figure out what to do... I was certainly not expecting this! They worked so well together, I know this will be a repeat menu, with your beans the star!

Thank you so much for such a different and delicious recipe!

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Sweetiebarbara September 07, 2011
Chinese Green Bean Salad by Dr Andrew Weil