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Thanks for the dedication Sue - I finally got around to making this delicious fried rice - It is very tasty and I love to use up left overs in my rice - I had left over pork roast so that was the meat I used. Great combination of veggies, makes this a meal in one. The only thing I added was 1 cup fine chopped cabbage (another leftover)This will be a staple here in my house. I also had some leftover cooked chicken so I made a sweet & Sour sauce heated the chicken in that served it along side the fried rice (not that it was needed) Thanks again Sue wonderful recipe Added comments 5 Oct 03 Sue by fluke I may have discovered that extra special flavor ingredient. I was makingyour recipe and discovered that I did not have enought onion - I only has 1/2 cup but went ahead and fried them until they were dark brown and continued with the recipe - then I remembered that I had some Hanh Phi - Fried red onions. They are like "French's French Fried onions" only these are tastier. I added 1/4 cup of the Hanh Phi 5 minutes before the fried rice was finished and the flavor is really special. I buy the fried onion flakes at an Asian Market. Thanks Sue for steering me in the right direction with your wonderful recipe - I hope you try this added touch

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Bergy October 05, 2003

The whole family raved on this one! I didnt have bean sprouts and omitted the peas and added teriyaki cooked chicken. But it was wonderful TY.

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Shabby Sign Shoppe April 13, 2003

Lacking oyster sause which is what gives fried rice it's flavor in resturants this was not very good.It also lacks most veggies that are used in friend rice.Add more veggies and add 2 TBS oyster increase soy to 2 TBS and it will taste like take out.

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chris_bdba_7283608 July 24, 2011

I am so impressed with this recipe. It is amazing. It really does taste like fried rice you'd get at a quality chinese restaurant. Two slight changes: used two eggs instead of one and added a lot more soy sauce. It was very fun and easy to make. I got all my ingredients all chopped and ready to go and then just had a ball stir-frying everything. I notice this says four servings. Well, it was too good. We couldn't stop eating it (the TWO of us). It was polished off completely in one sitting. This is a real treat! It deserves every single five star rating it has gotten. (and more!)

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Jill77 September 25, 2003

Very good! Although, I admit, I did A LOT of improvising on this, the recipe itself is excellent. I had to use what I had on-hand (I live in San Francisco and walk to the grocery but my BF didn't want to walk to the store with me and push the cart for me, which is too heavy for me to push home usually with all the hills). So, this ended up being made with carrots, mushrooms, celery, 2 green onions, half a white onion, and chicken I sauteed which had been marinated from Better Than Take Out Sesame Chicken (#50001) which I served with this. It was very good and I can't wait to try it with more authentic ingredients. I used brown rice and much more soy sauce than specified. I did not have any sesame oil so I mixed some tahini (ground sesame seeds) with vegetable oil. I think that next time I will use 1 or 2 additional eggs. Oh and I also don't have a wok- I just used a big ole' beat-up sort-of-still-nonstick skillet, which worked just fine for me. It would probably be even better if I had a wok (and maybe, being as how good this recipe is, it would be worth it to get one!). This was fabulous still, though, my BF ate at least half of it with dinner last night and then I've been eating bowls of it myself all day. Mmm!!! I really enjoy how versatile this is- because you really can make fried-rice with whatever you have on hand (like I did!). Thanks for a great fried rice recipe that I'll be making again and again.

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Roosie September 17, 2003

This recipe was delicious. As with many others, I added a ton more soy sauce. We warmed the leftovers the next day with a quick stir fry in garlic and butter. It was fantastic! Next time I will definitely add some butter and garlic into the mix. Thanks for the great recipe.

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Kim in Walnut Creek August 04, 2003

Excellent! I served this with Barbqued Pork-Chinese Style (Barbecued Pork--Chinese Style) for a meal that really impressed our Chinese Exchange student! I added Bacon as Just Cher suggested and the flavour was perfect.I did make a few changes: I used frozen mixed veggies as my vegetables instead of just peas and carrots, and I also made this with 2 eggs instead of the one and I added a little more soy sauce than the recipe called for. Even my rice loathing husband ate a huge serving and said it was actually very good--and that is worth 5 stars right there!! Thank you for this great recipe.

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* Pamela * June 10, 2003

I only followed this recipe loosely, omitting bean sprouts, regular onions, and a few other things. I basically only had diced carrots, green onions, egg, rice, soy sauce & sesame oil. I added much more soy sauce & sesame oil (equal parts) to the rice & it tasted fantastic. DH loved this & asked me to make again with chicken in it next time & served with eggrolls. Really easy recipe & better than most chinese restaurants for sure!

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still learning 09 January 15, 2011

This is one of the best fried rice reipes I have tried, will definately be making again. I used four eggs since my daughter loves lots of egg in her rice, and one can of bean sprouts, and a bit more soy sauce. Loved it, thanks for posting it!

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KathyRose July 21, 2003

This fried rice is spectacular!!!! I made it for dinner last night and it was delcious. Everyone enjoyed it! I didnt use quite as many bean sprouts because i thought my family would flip ..but other than that I did everything exactly as told. Served with extra soy sauce :-) Will be making again soon!

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love4culinary May 28, 2003
Chinese Fried Rice