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Delicious! I prepared these spring rolls exactly as written and they were perfect. This was my first time making them homemade and it was pretty easy. I served them with a Thai dipping sauce (Thai Dipping Sauce for Spring Wrap or Egg Rolls) and veg. fried rice and it was a great dinner! Thanks!

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4QTpies December 30, 2008

Loved these. I forgot to get carrots at the store, so I upped the bean sprouts by quite a bit. The filling didn't look like much, but with by making the wraps smaller as the recipe instructs I got lots of spring rolls-probably about 17-20. Loved that these were vegetarian and loved the result of julienning everything. It really made a difference in the texture. Thanks for posting!

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spatchcock March 11, 2006

These were wonderful. I followed the ingredients exactly as written, but I did make some changes to the preperation. Rather than hand julienning all the vegetables, I chopped the carrots and scallions in the food processor until they were finely chopped, added the whole bean sprouts and hand chopped mushrooms. The bamboo shoots I bought were already julienned. This was a time saver and I don't believe it compromised the results in the least. There was still alot of texture and crunch. I had a hard time following the instructions for folding, so I merely folded the cut wrapper in half and then folded in the ends. They looked perfect after frying. I prepared them completely the day before my party and then heated them on a cookie sheet at 300 for about 10 minutes to crisp them up and heat them. Served with plum sauce. They were delicious and were by the far the favorite appetizer of the evening. Thanks Sue. I always enjoy your recipes, and hope you don't mind the few minor simplifications I've mentioned.

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Miraklegirl January 03, 2004
Chinese Crispy Spring Rolls