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I've made these three times. Playoffs and Super Bowl were perfect occasions for these, and I made them exactly as the recipe states. THEN, CROCK POT DIRECTIONS: when I needed to provide them for a potluck with no oven, I adapted it to Crock Pot as follows: lay all the wings falat on a cookie sheet, no marinating done. brush the soy mixture over the wings and broil for a few minutes on each side, brushing more sauce after turning. When finished broiling, place all the wings in crock pot , dump the liquid over them, and place in fridge overnite. The next day, insert crock pot insert into it's base, and heat 4 hours on high. Rave Reviews, Not one leftover. several recipe requests.. Thanks Ciao!

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nannylou February 19, 2009

We love, love, love these wings! We are going to a tailgate party this Saturday and I wanted to take something other than the usual hot wings, sandwiches, chips & dip. Found this recipe and after all the rave reviews decided I had to try it. DH wanted me to make them at home first since he wasn't sure a recipe this simple could be this good. I didn't change the recipe at all...it's perfect as is! The perfect combination of salty, sweet and sticky. LOL, he made himself sick eating these wings! They taste so much like the wings we order from our favorite Chinese restaurant, which happens to be his favorite item on their menu so he's a happy camper. He actually said he likes these better. We both agree that I need to make two batches for the party this Saturday and the recipe is simple enough that I will. Thank you so much for posting this awesome recipe, ciao.

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MarshHen October 30, 2009

These were good! I used the marinade on chicken thighs. I used sesame oil, and decreased the soy sauce to 1/2 cup because that's all I had. I used 1 TBSP garlic ginger paste in place of the powdered versions. I marinated about 2 hours, and while baking I cooked down the leftover marinade and used it to glaze the chicken during cooking. It was very thin to begin with. Hubby gave me rave reviews even though he usually doesn't like sweet marinades like this.

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Zanni July 02, 2009

I use this same recipe only without the oil and bake it for 3 hrs. at 300. Turns out perfect every time and no leftovers. A really great appetizer for all out get togethers!

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Judikins March 27, 2004

I used sesame oil and poured this over a pork roast, marinated for 48 hours then slow roasted in the marinade. I shredded the pork, added some sushi rice, steamed broccoli and the juice and WOW! This is the first time I have ever been able to kill my Chinese food craving myself. Thank you! Thank you! I will make this often using chicken and pork! Thank you!

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kaec December 11, 2009

These make great Easter appetizers. I double the recipe with no trouble. The wings marinated overnight in zip loc bags. I cooked them at 375 for 20 mins. and them stuck them under the broiler for 3 more minutes. I will make these again. Thanks, Ciao.Edit: I have made these wings again and again but the last time I let them marinade for 48 hours. Wow, what a difference in the depth of flavor. If you have time, go with the longer marinading time.

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etully February 09, 2007

Forgot to review these! I LOVE these wings. Have gotten lazy and left them marinating for a couple days before cooking and they just get tastier. For such an easy recipe these pack a lot of flavor. Hardest decision is whether to eat plain, dip in ranch or blue cheese. Thanks for posting!!!

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cst1996 February 02, 2011

DELICIOUS-what a great starter at my Beijing dinner tonight! Fast, easy, and lots of flavor-everyone raved about them! I marinated overnight and placed on a foil-lined pan w/ some of the marinade, insuring they would have a yummy glaze. Thank you for a great recipe!!!

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Mrs.Jack August 09, 2008

I marinated the wings for 2 1/2 days. My kitchen was torn apart. Great flavor, however the came out dry. Next time I'll cut the cooking time to 50 minutes and reduce the oven temperature to 325

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John Sauerbeck March 28, 2008

I had a few packages of chicken wings in the freezer I wanted to use up... didn't want the regular old Buffalo wing... I marinated the wings for almost 12 hours... The flavor was really great. I did find them a bit salty though... I wonder if that is because I used a high quality mushroom soy sauce??? I will probably cut down both the soy and sugar by half next time... and leave out the oil. I wasn't really sure if I was supposed to cook the wings in the marinade or take them out... I baked them in the marinade... Cooked them for almost 45 minutes at 350F and them turned on my broiler for 12 minutes to get them nice and sticky... YUM!!! I served them with some rice and tangy green beans... Loved them!!! Thanks for sharing!

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atlfitgirl March 13, 2008
Chinese Chicken Wings