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OMG this turned out better than I could have imagined! I only had a full can (20oz?) of pineapple so I ended up using half of it and half the juice. Also substituted sliced carrots for the red peppers, added some large chunks of onions. I marinated for 25 minutes while I cut up the veggies and boiled my lo-mein noodles. I added some spicy sesame oil to the wok prior to cooking the chicken, it added a nice kick....the completed dish looked great but tasted even better, I planned to take a pic but we gobbled it up too fast lol I always feel sick when I get chinese carryout, this is so much better! Thanks again Inez :-)

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J e l i s a January 30, 2003

My husband and I really liked this recipe. It had a nice combination of flavors and there was just enough for the two of us! (My husband got a huge plate! lol!) I feel like this is an extremely healthy dish, considering you get both veggies AND friut! I added half a diced onion, 1 sliced greeen onion, and ommited the red pepper. This is something I will probably make again. It is definitely for someone who likes pineapple though, since my husband thought the pineapple taste was very prominant in the recipe. Thanks Inez for this healthy recipe!

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buttercup0009 November 14, 2002

This is just OK. I followed the recipe to the letter and I expected that the marinade would have had more zing since it contains a can of pineapple and the juice which is quite acidic. I marinated the chicken for 6 hours. I expected and hoped that my mouth would have a party, however, I was disappointed and we found this dish to be fairly bland taste wise although it was visually appealing. If you don't care for spicy or tangy dishes and like them more on the VERY quiet side, then this is the dish for you.

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Chef Judy November 01, 2002

Hey, this is yummy stuff! I loved the combination of flavours in this stirfry. I forgot to add the cornstarch to the marinade but it didn't matter as I just sprinkled it on later to thicken it to just the right point. I stirred hokkien noodles through the whole dish before serving instead of serving over rice and the sauce flavoured the noodes perfectly. I don't know if there would be enough chicken for four in the recipe but as there were only two of us eating I just used one chicken breast and kept the amount of sauce the same as the recipe which produced the right amount of sauce for the two of us.

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dale! October 09, 2002

Very nice, but I did feel like it needed a bit more of a kick...something to spice it up a little. However the chicken was beautifully tender and I did enjoy. If I think of anything to add I'll let y'all know! :-P

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jetaime Hayr July 14, 2003

Great recipe! It's a terrific, "sweet" version of chicken stir fry. The pineapples and hoison sauce seemed to really make this dish. The sauce had a nice, "hearty" consistency and was so sweet & yummy. The bonus is that it was so quick & easy. mmmmmm...

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Athenasolives May 14, 2003

This was pretty good. I read some of the reviews beforehand, and decided to add 1/2tsp of red pepper flakes before frying the chicken, and also replaced the fresh peppers with sliced carrots. My partner still felt the dish need some kick. I will make this again, as it was so easy to make and the chicken came out really tendet and flavorful.

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nudnik February 21, 2013

We didn't find this too great. The flavor was bland. I actually doubled the sauce, and added some chili flake and green onion, but we weren't big fans. I wouldn't make it again and the leftovers are sadly going to waste. My mistake with doubling the sauce was then it had so much cornstarch, and we both felt it hurt our stomachs...

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Chef Pollo November 16, 2012

Just finished eating this for dinner, and wanted to say that it was pretty good! I did spice up the flavor after reading the reviews. The changes that I made was I doubled the sauce, added jarred ginger, red pepper flakes and a splash of rice wine vinegar. It had really good flavor and a little spice, which was nice with the pineapple. I used broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, per our taste. Served over brown rice. I will definitely make this again!

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Michelle D. August 11, 2008

Very inexpensive and easy. I made this with my boyfriend and we enjoyed eating it, but I also agree with ealer reviews which comment on the lack of a "kick." I think that the taste, while very good, was very...plain. I may make this again, but I plan to add more spices.

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Cooking Virgo June 02, 2008
Chinese Chicken Stir-Fry