Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup

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  1. This soup changes as the ingredients are available in my refrigerator or on my cupboard shelves.
  2. Takes about 20 minutes from start to table. Start 2 cups of water to boil; add chicken broth.
  3. After stock boils, add the packet of seasoning supplied with Top Ramen.
  4. While broth is boiling, add 1 raw chicken breast (cut in small pieces), the chopped vegetables and the raw egg.
  5. The egg will cook into threads.
  6. Just before serving, add the noodles and the peas, then the sesame oil and scallions.
  7. Don't let soup sit around for long time because vegetables need to be a bit crunchy, cooked soft. If using leftover meat in your soup, just add at the end because it only needs to warm up again.
  8. You can always add another can of chicken broth if soup is too thick or you like more broth.
  9. You may vary the soup with different Chinese type vegetables available. Add some garlic and a dash of hot Chinese mustard.
  10. If using strong vegetables such as broccoli, cut small and don't overcook to avoid the strong flavor.
  11. Remember the noodles are already cooked and they do not need to be cooked, only to absorb the moisture from the broth, which does thicken the soup.
Most Helpful

We loved this soup. I used celery instead of bok choy or napa cabbage because it was what I already had in my fridge. I love the flavor that the sesame oil adds, so I wouldn't omit it. Thanks for the great recipe. We've made it half a dozen times since I found this recipe.

emspam October 12, 2009

I prepared this soup as written, except following the suggestion of adding garlic and even some hot pepper flakes. It was a success. To completely satisfy my hardworking and always hungry hubby, I served Steamed Pork Balls and Spring Onions ( Green Onions) on the side. It was a great, simple meal.

Ms B. February 29, 2008

First off I am picky when it comes to Chinese style food...but I thought this soup was great. I used celery and shreaded pork. I did end up thinning down the soup a little bit (I think I may haved added a little more meat so I'm sure that's part of the reason), and actually I think I would thin it even more next time. I was a little leary about using Raman noodles ...but I don't think I would have even known there was Raman in it if I hadn't been the one preparing it! Also I normally don't like water chestnuts too much, but they were a really great addition - probably my favorite part of the soup! I did chop mine so they weren't so chunky. I would throw in the whole can next time! Sesame oil a must. Thanks!

Quest4ZBest February 28, 2008