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Was looking for a quick light dinner and This turned out AWESOME ! ...even if I did forget the Mayo :) I found a great recipe to make Hoisen sauce (which I did not have) ! Topped with some toasted Chow Mein Noodles.
Hubby and I ate the whole thing as a Dinner Salad ! Thanks so much !
Homemade Hoisen Sauce:
4TBSP Soy Sauce (Light), 2TBSP Peanut Butter(I used chunky lite),1TBSP Honey,1/8tsp Garlic powder,2TBSP Sesame Oil,20 drops Chinese Hot Sauce,1/8tsp black pepper - Mix well - will take a bit - but it works !

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lesliecoy April 16, 2012

I chose this recipe as I didn't have ramen noodles and didn't think they were available in Greece. I had to double the dressing (didn't measure the cabbage, but had half a cabbage left over after making another dish, and the dressing didn't seem to moisten all the salad.) The only very slight change I made was to reduce the amount of sugar to 1 tsp. total, and not to double the sesame seeds. The result was fantastic - my family was licking the plate! Because of the large amount of cabbage, there is a small bowl of salad leftover, and I will try it with noodles tomorrow (my daughter managed to find a variety of them in a shop which specializes in foreign items. We'll definitely make this again many times.

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BettyBoop330 November 09, 2010

Looking for a recipe to use my dad's crop of chinese cabbage and this one was simple and delicious. Everyone loved the dressing. I did add some bean sprouts to the vegetable ingredients. I used the leftovers the next day rolled in rice paper wrappers and they were also fresh and delicious.

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An_Net September 05, 2007
Chinese Cabbage Salad