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I don't recall ever eating something like this at a Chinese buffet, so I can't compare it to that.....but, I did think this was rich and delicious! I did add some finely chopped onion and I think that gave it the flavor it needed. (Scallions would be great, too). The sugar balances out the lemon juice and worcestershire sauce. This makes a great dip for fried or baked wonton skins. Thanx for sharing!

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*Parsley* January 26, 2009

This is delicious! I made it tonight for dinner, with one tiny change....instead of baking it in a casserole dish, I divided it among 8 large portobello mushroom caps and baked it. Crab stuffed portobellos! It was wonderful. My husband and kids loved it, too. Thanks for an easy, tasty recipe!

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billsgirl76 March 04, 2012

This is really close to what they make at the Chinese Buffet near me but this one is MUCH better. This one is quality. Someone said they didn't like the worcestershire sauce but I couldn't even taste it. I'm sure it added some greatness to it so maybe try not putting as much in there if you don't care for it to begin with. I did add some garlic powder, and added extra of it too instead of garlic salt, used a little sea salt and added about 1/4 of a small red onion. We love onion in this house and put it in almost everything. This is a much richer recipe than the buffet but I think it's because they don't tend to add as much or quality ingredients. I also used low fat everything and it was still awesome. It might be a lot richer if you used whole fat ingredients.

Thanks for the recipe! It'll be a keeper in this house!

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lildreamy May 18, 2011

Very close to what I'm used to at the buffet. I added onion and celery but I'd recommend slicing both VERY VERY thin. I ended up with a little too much onion. (I used 1/2 of a medium white onion and a single celery stalk). I also agree with other commenters about the cream cheese, next time I'll use about 2/3 of the recommended amount. Also probably a bit less worchestershire and sugar. (to me it tasted a little nutmeg-y)I made only a half batch, as its just for me, and its more than enough. I've been wanting to make this dish for so long, its the only reason I ever go to the buffet in the first place! I'm eating it right now and it is tasty!!

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Ronessa J. December 18, 2015

Ridiculous amount of cream cheese. All i made will probably go to waste. Extremely too rich for everyone in my house hold. Never will i use this recipe again.

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Lilith L. November 10, 2015

This is great! I added a large sliced onion, a few stalks of sliced celery, and some green onions that I cooked in butter, but you can probably throw in raw to cook in the oven. This is really close to the buffet dish. I think theirs seems to have a lot more cheese (and I added more than the recipe called for, maybe 1 2/3 cup) and maybe a bit less cream cheese. This still hits the spot and I can't thank you enough for posting this one. I haven't been able to find a restaurant that makes this in several years and it was always my favorite dish.

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squid_pro_quo May 12, 2015

All I could taste was the cream cheese. Next time I will make the sauce first with 1/2 of the cream cheese. I substituted low fat ingredients and will do so the next time I make it. DH loves the crab at the Chinese buffet

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mandabears October 02, 2014

This recipe does not taste like the buffet style. There is too much cream cheese in it. I also think it needs melted butter. Its so creamy you only taste the cream cheese and sour cream and not the crab. So, if you want to try this, I would recommend not putting in as much cream cheese and omit the cheddar on top. Use salt and peper also.

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oceansmist3_7883063 May 28, 2014

Adding shrimp and chopped onion/green bell pepper (soften) made this taste great....try adding pasta to it also

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joanrobinson3 May 23, 2014

Loved this!!!!! It tasted even better than my favorite restaurant!!! I sautéed 3/4 cup onions, 3 cups sliced celery & 2 cups mushrooms and stirred into mixture. I used 1 1/2 lbs Louis kemp chunk style crab delights. I used reduced fat dairy products and it was delicious! Less than 200 calories for 1/8 recipe with my changes. Yum. Can't wait to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!

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chocfanatic January 14, 2014
Chinese Buffet Crab Casserole