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OMG! Totally loved this recipe! I used only one tenderloin as it was for just two of us but I didn't reduce the marinade ingredients & we marinated it overnight. The color of the pork is just gorgeous! But on top of that it's extremely moist & tender. It was a little sweeter than we had expected, but that may just be due to only using one tenderloin, & in no way was it any reason to not clean our plates! :) We served it with a vegetable lo mein & forced ourselves to save some of the pork for later. As soon as it was chilled we tried it with Chinese hot mustard & sesame seeds & it was delish! I will proudly serve this recipe at our next party. Thanks for sharing, Debbie! Made for Unrated Asian recipe tag game.

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**Tinkerbell** August 13, 2009

Terrible! Any sauce evaporated in the oven. Do not even try this recipe. There is nearly no flavor. I could have baked pork in the oven without the marinade and got the same result. Tell me what is Chinese about this? The Soy sauce? I can't even imagine anyone giving this more than 1 star. If I could have given it 0 stars I would. Perhaps the ratings are coming from people who have never tasted real Chinese food and caused Chinese restaurants to dumb down to American tastes. But, whatever, don't mistake this for Chinese cooking. It is not Chinese cooking.

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Joe J. July 17, 2014

super easy tastes better than some of the restaurants ive eaten in

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scott libby_ December 31, 2012
Chinese Barbecued Pork