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I don't know how authentic chinese almond cookies are supposed to be, but to my taste these were fantastic! They're wonderfully shortbread-like - just the kind of cookie I love! As they're naturally gluten free, I wanted to make them for ages but never did. Now the Unrated Asian Recipe Tag Game motivated me to finally try them, and I'm glad I did! As I used already blanched almonds, it wasn't much work, they were quickly put together. Not sure how small "small" should be, I made them *really* small and got 37 beautiful cookies. For the last 7 cookies I had no almonds left, so I mixed the leftover dough with some cardamom and rosewater and made them without decoration. I'm really looking forward to have one with a cup of turkish coffee tomorrow :) Thanks for posting!

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Mia in Germany July 20, 2009

Not rating, as I had to use Smart Balance light to make it dairy free. I have premade blanched almond flour, so measured 2 cups. Also used sorghum instead of rice flour. I did have to add a few drops of water and didn't use the roasted almonds (DD doesn't like them). I didn't press flat, as I felt they would fall apart. Maybe if I added a little more "butter" it would help that, as 2 cups of flour is probably more than 2 cups almonds, ground. DD liked them, but we both felt they needed something, maybe more sugar? Will try again with a little more butter and sugar, as I want to find good GF cookies.

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WI Cheesehead December 08, 2009
Chinese Almond Cookies