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This is the best chimichurri I have ever had!My boss whi is from argentina served it at a bbq and didn't follow a recipe so it was very hard for me to reproduce,ahhh but now I can.We use it on ribs,steak,bratwurst and alot more.I have made many copies for our friends as they all love it. Many thanks Chef Blade!!

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Chef Niki July 15, 2002

I first looked at this because of the name! It's a great marinade/sauce, with lovely fresh herby, garlicy zingy flavours. We had it on T.bone steaks, but I also put it on a chicken breast fillet for our non red meat eater. Fantastic Chef Blade! Couldn't stop "taste-testing" it.

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JustJanS March 30, 2002

One word to describe this marinade: FRESH! I used this recipe several times in different ways. The first time, I used it as a bread dip. Just substitute basalmic vinegar for red wine vinegar It was so good. We ate the whole loaf. The second time I used the recipe as is and I marinated some steaks then broiled them in the oven. It was excellent. The third time, I used this sauce as a base marinade. To it, I added 2 Tablespoons of soy sauce, 2 Tablespoons of worcestershire sauce 1 Tablespoon of sugar. Marinated the chicken overnight. Then grill. TO DIE FOR. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

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YungB February 18, 2009

My dad is from Buenos Aires, Argentina (where chimichurri is pretty much the national condiment) and I grew up eating chimichurri he would prepare. I knew the ingredients he used, but not the quantities. This recipe is just about spot-on! The only changes I made were to hand-chop all the ingredients (no food processor) and add a few dashes of pepper flakes like my dad always did. It usually tastes best after it has mellowed for a bit, so I plan to eat it with a steak in a few days. That didn't stop me from excessive sampling though, so I anticipate horrible garlic breath tomorrow morning!

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Sephardi Kitchen June 13, 2011

Best Chimichurri recipe we've been able to find online. Although, I did make a few changes. I used a whole lime instead of a wedge, added 1/2tsp salt, I hand chopped the parsley, and used the micro-grater for the onion and the garlic. I marinated the skirt steak for about 30 minutes before my husband grilled it. This had so much flavor and was just the right amount of heat! I also prefer the hand chopped texture to that of the food processor.

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pixie_19 November 22, 2010

After I made this sauce, we just kept trying to find more and more things to have it on, including cheese omelets. I like this recipe the best because it has a clean, well balanced taste. And it's SO EASY...

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vonvoncake August 12, 2010

Good.. I used half the oil suggested. When mixed it tastes like an Italian dressing but when you cook it with meat it taste Spanish. I totally agree with the chef, it does give your meat the taste as if it had been dragged through a garden. Great crusty bread dip!

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moe13a June 10, 2010

This was delicious. I didn't get it as thick as I would like due to a food processor that was not very good. However it still looked beautiful and the taste was just what I expected. I have went to a few restaurants and this chimichurri taste better than what I had there. I followed this recipe exactly as it is. I served it on top of skirt steak and with a side of coconut lime rice. My family loved it.

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Stephanie S. August 23, 2015

I'd had chimichurri in the past and did not like it at all! It had cilantro in it and I'm one of those people who have the cilantro=soap gene! Anyway, I tried this recipe, and it is absolutely delicious! I made a batch and marinated flap steak in my Foodsaver marinator and grilled it medium-rare. The flavor was remarkable. I am a chimichurri convert. I'll be using this recipe again and again. Thank you!!!

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mrstiv July 31, 2015